Trans-Tasman tick for sailors

Sub Lieutenant Yuri Kourelakos (centre) and Royal New Zealand Navy Sub Lieutenants Edward Hall (left) and Cameron Jamieson (right) on HMAS Success. Photo: Leading Seaman Christopher Szumlanski

Trans-Tasman tick for sailors

Three young officers from Australia and New Zealand have spent their time well on HMAS Success’ final deployment by furthering their Maritime Warfare Officer (MWO) training.

Two Royal New Zealand Sub Lieutenants, Eddy Hall and Cameron Jamieson, and Royal Australian Navy Sub-Lieutenant Yuri Kourelakos were awarded their platform endorsement while the tanker sailed as part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019.

The endorsement is the final step for MWOs before specialising in their chosen field.

Sub Lieutenant Kourelakos said it had been tough but rewarding. While he aims to be a clearance diver, he holds a soft spot for navigation.

“I’m hoping to commence Clearance Diver Selection Training next year, but I am a bit of a navigation nerd as well,” Sub-Lieutenant Kourelakos said.

“The platform endorsement is a significant accomplishment in a warfare officer’s career; the commanding officer is basically trusting us to keep the ship safe.”

Success’ Operations and Navigating Officer, Lieutenant Commander Shane Jones, said the achievements of the three New Zealanders stemmed from their dedication and commitment.

“Their ability to integrate so quickly and effectively into a Royal Australian Navy unit is testament to the high level of training and interoperability we have on both sides of the Tasman,” Lieutenant Commander Jones said.

The awarding of the qualification required assessment across a range of bridge activities, including warfare exercises and responding to engineering defects.

After 33 years of outstanding service, Success will decommission following its return to Fleet Base East in June.

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