Sixty years of soldiers’ stories

The front page of the first edition of Army News, left, September 10, 1959, alongside a recent edition.

Sixty years of soldiers’ stories

The Australian Army’s fortnightly newspaper has celebrated six decades since the publication of its first edition.

On the first front page, then Army Minister John Cramer said the success of the Army newspaper would depend on the “degree to which it is accepted and read by the troops”.

Across the years, the faces producing the newspaper have changed. It has changed its equipment, office space and even how its team is structured.

But throughout its history, Army reporters have travelled alongside soldiers to every major conflict from Vietnam to Afghanistan and every major exercise, activity and ceremony.

On the front cover of the upcoming anniversary edition, you can see how the newspaper has changed throughout its history and some of the significant stories it has covered.

They range from the start of operations, retirement of beloved equipment, stories of bravery and battle, all the way through to the loss of soldiers in training and on operations.

The Minister for Defence, Senator Linda Reynolds, said there’s a common theme between all of these and it’s something the newspaper still has at its heart today: sharing soldiers’ stories.

“For more than 60 years, the Army Newspaper has been informing our personnel and public about the service of our soldiers around the world,” Senator Reynolds said.

“Your reporters have worked alongside troops in barracks, in the field and on operations to ensure these important stories are shared.”

You can read more about 60 years of Army News in its next edition, available from September 16.

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