Hobart a welcome sight for Canberra

Hobart locals line up to take a tour of HMAS Canberra during her visit in 2015.

Hobart a welcome sight for Canberra

One of Australia’s largest warships, HMAS Canberra, docked at Macquarie Wharf in Hobart on September 11 for a five-day port visit.

It’s the first time the 230-metre-long Landing Helicopter Dock has returned to Hobart since 2015, and coincides with Australian Defence Force commemorations for the Battle of Britain.

Canberra’s Commanding Officer, Captain Terry Morrison, said the ship’s busy schedule this year meant some respite in Hobart was most welcome.

“Hobart is a beautiful city, with a community who are always very supportive of the Australian Defence Force,” Captain Morrison said.

“The sailors, soldiers and airmen of HMAS Canberra are looking forward to visiting Hobart, meeting the locals and exploring the region.

“We look forward to welcoming the people of Hobart on board Canberra during our open day on Saturday 14 September to show them around the ship and some of our amphibious capability.”

Canberra has spent most of this year deployed, sailing almost 22,000 nautical miles to Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia as part of the international engagement exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour.

She also played a key role in Exercise Ocean Explorer and the Joint Warfare Series, encompassing Exercises Sea Explorer, Sea Raider and Talisman Sabre, proving the ability to operate with her sister ship HMAS Adelaide and  international partners.

The ship is one of the most capable and sophisticated air-land-sea amphibious deployment systems in the world, able to transport more than 100 ground vehicles, four landing craft, up to 18 helicopters and more than 1000 troops in addition to her crew of over 400.

Operations Officer and Hobart native Lieutenant Commander Alex Finnis said it was exciting to bring Canberra to his hometown.

“We’ve had a big year and I feel proud to be able to sail into my home city on this ship,” Lieutenant Commander Finnis said.

“I’m looking forward to the open day so people can see some of the amazing things Canberra and her ship’s company have done overseas with other nations’ military forces.”

Canberra commissioned into the Navy in November 2014 and is home-ported at Garden Island in Sydney.

For open day information and free ticketing, visit: www.navy.gov.au/event/hmas-canberra-open-day-hobart-tas.


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