New team excited for Kabul challenge

Kabul Garrison Command Adviser Team 5 commander Colonel Fern Thompson, left, and Kabul Garrison Command Advisor Team 6 commander Colonel Amanda Johnston at the transfer of authority ceremony at Camp Grant, Kabul. Photo:  Corporal Dan Pinhorn

New team excited for Kabul challenge

After a 10-month deployment to train, advise and assist Afghan National Defense and Security Force personnel, the Kabul Garrison Command (KGC) Adviser Team 5 (AT5) has transferred authority for operations to KGC-AT6.

Composed of Australian and Turkish personnel, the adviser team enhances the capacity of the KGC to plan, coordinate and command joint security operations in Kabul Province.

The team draws personnel from different trades, backgrounds and home units and has a mixture of experience both in and outside of Afghanistan.

KGC-AT5 commander Colonel Fern Thompson said the team shared a common purpose with coalition partners.

“KGC-AT6 will continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our Turkish brothers,” Colonel Thompson said.

KGC-AT6 commander Colonel Amanda Johnston said the KGC was a focal point for the security of Kabul.

“KGC has the lead for planning and executing the security plans for important events, including the conduct of the presidential election,” Colonel Johnston said.

“We’ve seen the previous five teams advise and support KGC with excellent effect and we look forward to continuing that tradition of excellence.”

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