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East Asia deployment counts success one month in

Eleven vessels and over 1,000 personnel across two task groups will visit regional partners in Northern and Southern Asia for multinational exercises and regional engagement activities. Photo: SBLT Emily Obrien

During HMAS Leeuwin’s third South East Asian deployment this year, a port visit to Dili provided an opportunity for six members of the ship’s company to visit the village of Soibada, located in the mountainous central region of the island nation, to experience the culture of rural Timor-Leste and lend a helping hand.

Melbourne’s decommissioning marks end of FFG era

HMAS Melbourne's final Commanding Officer, Commander Marcus Buttler, carries the ship's Australian White Ensign away during the decommissioning ceremony. Photo: PTE Rodrigo Villablanca

Navy has celebrated the completion of 27 years of service by HMAS Melbourne, the last of her class.
The 138m-long Adelaide-class guided missile frigate (FFG) the last remaining of six built for Navy was decommissioned on October 26 at her home port at Fleet Base East, Garden Island, Sydney.
Melbourne’s final Commanding Officer, Commander Marcus Buttler, said his ship’s company was honoured to be the last crew to serve in Melbourne and pleased the occasion could be shared with many former ship’s company, who attended the decommissioning ceremony.
“There are thousands of people who have called this ship home over the past 27 years and most of our people don’t know a time in the Navy without HMAS Melbourne and the FFGs in the fleet,” Commander Buttler said.
“I am so proud of the men and women of HMAS Melbourne for sustaining a high tempo at sea right to the end and contributing to her outstanding legacy.
“It is also a sad day as we see the end of almost 40 years of the Adelaide-class frigate, which has been one of the most effective maritime warfighting platforms ever built.”

High tempo for ships on East-Asia deployment

KD Lekiu, left, is replenished at sea by HMAS Sirius  during Exercise Bersama Lima. Photo: Sub-Lieutenant Emily O'brien.

The Royal Australian Navy ships supporting the East-Asia Deployment have successfully participated in a number of international engagements since their departure from Fleet Base East in late September, despite Typhoon Hagibis interrupting some of the original planning.
Task Group Commander Captain Andrew Quinn praised the members of the task groups for their professionalism and flexibility.
“We have provided great presence in the region and are demonstrating and improving our interoperability with our international partners,” Captain Quinn said.
“We are proving that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a reliable security partner, notwithstanding adverse circumstances being presented at times.”
For the next two months, 11 vessels, four maritime combat helicopters and more than 1000 personnel across two task groups are visiting regional partners in northern and southern Asia for multinational exercises and regional engagement activities.