Missile firing breaks new ground

HMAS Brisbane's live missile engagement in the US.

Missile firing breaks new ground

In a first for the Royal Australian Navy and the United States Navy, HMAS Brisbane has completed a live missile engagement.

Using remote sensor data from USS Stockdale and the Cooperative Engagement Capability, the combat system was tested against a range of challenging targets and tactical situations.

The Minister for Defence, Linda Reynolds, said the trials, which were held in the US over the past month, marked a ground-breaking milestone for Australia.   

“This missile firing demonstrates the very highest levels of interoperability between our navies,” Senator Reynolds said.

“It reaffirms the game-changing technology that the Aegis Combat System brings to our Navy and the advanced capability of the Australian-built Hobart-class destroyers.

“By conducting these trials in the US, our Navy is able to access the world’s best expertise, instrumented ranges and analysis capabilities to provide confidence in how the ship will perform in combat.”

The Hobart-class of ships is among the most potent warships at sea, forming an important part of Australia’s defence.

Cooperative Engagement Capability provides a secure communications capability between Australian and US-equipped ships, aircraft or land forces and allows a unit to detect and, if needed, engage a threat identified by another ship or aircraft.



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