Advisers support Afghan presidential election

Australian advisers deployed to the Kabul Garrison Command participate in a planning brief alongside personnel from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces during the presidential election.

Advisers support Afghan presidential election

The Kabul Garrison Command adviser team’s Australian military mentors played a role in Afghanistan’s September 28 presidential election through their training, advice and assistance.

The corps-level joint command headquarters, staffed by Afghan Army, Police and Directorate of Security personnel, commanded and controlled security operations for polling centres across Kabul during the fourth Afghan presidential election.

Adviser Colonel Amanda Johnston said the command’s successful security operations facilitated the democratic progress in a challenging security environment.

“Threats in Kabul remain dynamic, with multiple violent extremist and criminal groups vying for influence in the city,” Colonel Johnston said.

“The fact that so many Afghans resisted this intimidation to cast their votes is testament to their determination to support a democratic future for Afghanistan.”

The current rotation of Australian advisers – the sixth to be deployed to the command – arrived in July.

Major George Tapp said Kabul remained the focal point for ensuring Afghanistan consolidated its hard-won security gains.

“Slow and steady success is being made. On election day, layered and integrated security processes prevented major disruptions to polling centres across Kabul,” Major Tapp said.

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