Feeding mouths and morale

Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, and the youngest member of HMAS Cerberus, Seaman Trainee William Judd, together with Navy Canteens Manager Rhonda Gregg, cut the Navy Canteen's 65th birthday cake. Photo: Petty Officer Nina Fogliani

Feeding mouths and morale

Navy Canteens has celebrated 65 years of enhancing the lives of Navy people and their families through welfare services and support.

Members gathered at HMAS Cerberus to reflect on the growing list of Navy Canteens’ accomplishments.

Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Mike Noonan, thanked the staff and volunteers who make up Navy Canteens – more than 150 people work for the organisation across Australia.

“The fantastic service provided by Navy Canteens contributes to the morale and welfare of our Navy people and their families, and we’re very proud of the support you all make to our daily lives,” Vice Admiral Noonan said.

Navy Canteens serves more than 14,000 people through funds raised at 16 cafes on 10 Navy establishments across Australia.

The organisation also operates a discount ticketing service, provides low-cost holiday accommodation, sells Navy merchandise and conducts a fortnightly ‘Win with Navy’ raffle.

Director Logistics – Navy and Chairman of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Central Canteens Board, Commodore Simon Ottaviano, said the organisation was a silent achiever.

“In addition to providing invaluable support to our serving sailors, the past 10 years has seen Navy Canteens provide close to $5 million in grants to fund Navy recreation and welfare initiatives,” Commodore Ottaviano said.

“This includes about $1.2 million for the RAN Relief Trust Fund, $2 million to the Navy Sports Council and $1.8 million for specific welfare activities on Navy ships and establishments.

“It’s also the little extra services and benefits for the Navy family that often go unnoticed that we should also acknowledge.”

The Navy Canteens entertainment ticketing service provides discounted tickets to premier events, stage shows and various attractions throughout Australia. Even when serving at sea, sailors can book shows and events.

Navy Canteens also operates holiday parks around Australia that provide discounted accommodation for serving Defence personnel and their families.

“By providing essential services and support to Navy through its own activities, and without any direct financial support from government, Navy Canteens continues to be a great example of a successful government business enterprise,” Commodore Ottaviano said.


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