Worthy commendation

Commander of the 3rd Brigade, Brigadier Scott Winter, presents a commendation to Corporal Mathew Inskip from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment during a parade at Jezzine Barracks, Townsville. Photo: Trooper Jarrod McAneney

Worthy commendation

A composite squadron of 2nd Cavalry Regiment and Queensland Police were recognised for their efforts during Townsville’s February floods in a ceremony on November 20.

The soldiers and officers were awarded a Joint Operations Command Commendation to acknowledge the significant role they played and their devotion to duty during the disaster.

Joint Task Force 658 Commander Brigadier Scott Winter praised how the two organisations blended together rapidly to work quickly and flexibly assisting Townsville.

“When crisis strikes [we] provide protection and reassurance in the community,” Brigadier Winter said.

“Soldiers and police were a partnered force, working together to support Townsville and capitalise on each other’s strengths.

“The teamwork shown by these outstanding individuals ensured the safety of a significant number of Townsville residents who were at risk of death or injury during the floods.”

Queensland Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Brian Codd said the relationship between the two groups was strengthened during the operation and continued to grow.

“Our people from the Queensland Police Service, together with their Army colleagues, have done the Townsville community proud,” Mr Codd said.

“Their service and dedication during those challenging days has cemented our bond working as a team for Townsville.”


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