Husband and wife make patrol boat history

Lieutenant Commanders Julia Griffin and Khan Beaumont, the first married couple in the RAN to command patrol boats at the same time. Photo: Glenn Campbell

Husband and wife make patrol boat history

A married couple based in Darwin has become the first husband and wife in Royal Australian Navy history to command patrol boats at the same time.

Lieutenant Commander Julia Griffin assumed command of HMAS Maitland on December 6, while Lieutenant Commander Khan Beaumont has led HMAS Ararat for the past 18 months.

Lieutenant Commander Beaumont said it was a bonus that he could now share his experience with his wife.

“It’s awesome. I found my best mate and married her. To have Julia do what I do makes us stronger as a team. We know exactly what each other is going through and for such a unique job it is a very special partnership,” he said.

Lieutenant Commander Griffin said she had wanted to drive ships for the Navy since she was a young girl, and her selection to command was “a dream come true”.  

However, while they were both proud to make RAN history, Lieutenant Commander Griffin said they were most proud to be part of a community that defends Australia and its assets.

HMAS aCoonawarra, in Darwin, is the hub of Navy’s contribution to Operation Resolute, a whole-of-government effort to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests.

At any one time, up to 600 Australian Defence Force personnel work on the operation.

Lieutenant Commander Griffin joined the Navy as a Maritime Warfare Officer (MWO) in 2008. MWOs are responsible for the control and navigation of Navy ships.

Lieutenant Commander Beaumont joined in 2000 as a Combat Systems Operator (CSO). He commissioned as an MWO eight years later. CSOs operate the ship’s sensors to provide commanders with information about potential threats.

They met at the New Entry Officers Course at HMAS Creswell and started dating a year later after meeting again at a mutual friend’s wedding. Lieutenant Commanders Beaumont and Griffin married in 2010.

Lieutenant Commander Beaumont said he never imagined he would one day command a Navy vessel.

“Someone in the Navy saw some potential in me that I didn’t realise was there. Here I am 20 years later as the captain of a patrol boat,” he said.

“The navy is one of those great workplaces that allows you to grow. It is such a unique environment. You just have to make the choices, you have to stand up and be counted for something. It makes you a leader.”

Captain Patrol Boats, Captain Alex Hawes, said the patrol boat community was proud of Navy’s history-making duo.

“They are an example of the truly outstanding officers and sailors that work within the patrol boat community and of Navy’s support to its people to achieve their potential,” Captain Hawes said.

“Navy is proud of both officers and of the entire patrol boat community, working to protect Australia’s borders and offshore maritime interests.”

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