Chainsaw crews clearing vital links

Sappers Kane Sorrell (on chainsaw) and David Mercuri from Brisbane-based 2 Squadron, 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, help make the Monaro Highway safe. Photo: Sergeant Dave Morley

Chainsaw crews clearing vital links

Queensland-based Army engineers have cleared a bushfire-affected section of the Monaro Highway between Bombala, NSW, and Cann River in Victoria.
Combat engineers from 2 Sqn, 2CER, used chainsaws to cut up trees which had fallen onto parts of the highway.

Chainsaw operator Sapper Kane Sorrell said he was grateful for the opportunity to do his part in helping fellow Australians and to try and prevent any further damage being done by the fires.

A plant operator from 6ESR, Lance Corporal Adrian Bateman, removed the tree material from the road, enabling bushfire units to move more quickly to fires threatening areas of Gippsland south of Cann River.

Working alongside the ADF personnel, NSW Forestry Corporation seasonal forester Andre Le Lievre said it was great having the support of the ADF for the fires.

“They have been instrumental in getting main roads and highways open to assist with the firefighting effort and supporting the local communities,” Mr Le Lievre said.

Training Warrant Officer at 2/17RNSWR Paul Chang is an ADF liaison officer attached to CIMIC at Cooma.

He has been helping coordinate the local ADF response to the fires by working with emergency service personnel in the Bombala area.

“The ADF has been really well received by the local emergency services and has been well-integrated into their team,” Warrant Officer Chang said.

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