Sailor’s commitment close to home

Combat systems operator, Leading Seaman Tina Dummett, onboard an MH-60R Seahawk 'Romeo' during Operation Bushfire Assist. Photo: Able Seaman Thomas Sawtell

Sailor’s commitment close to home

The Australian bushfire crisis has hit close to home for Leading Seaman Tina Dummett, a combat systems operator currently posted to HMAS Adelaide.

Deployed on Operation Bushfire Assist, Leading Seaman Dummett grew up on a farm in Verona, north of Bega.

Being embarked in the ship in Twofold Bay near Eden makes Leading Seaman Dummett a valuable asset to the shore parties being sent out from Adelaide.

She has contributed her local knowledge in the bushfire relief mission, especially as part of a support mission to Verona in one of the ship’s embarked helicopters.

“Seeing the destruction from the air on the community I grew up in is very sad,” Leading Seaman Dummett said.

“All my friends are in Bega and I used to work in Cobargo. The people I worked for have lost their business.”

Leading Seaman Dummett said she was proud of her support to the local community and was glad to have the opportunity to help.

“My family are lucky, they only lost a few items on the farm, but the home is safe,” she said.

“Many others have been less fortunate, so I am glad the Navy has been here to help out.”

This is the first time Leading Seaman Dummett has been part of a humanitarian aid/disaster relief mission.

“This has been quite an experience, supporting the place I grew up in, and one I won’t forget,” Leading Seaman Dummett said.

HMAS Adelaide, in conjunction with HMAS Choules and MV Sycamore, are working off the Australian south-east coast providing valuable aid to the communities impacted by the bushfires.

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