Gunners join the Alpine’s Cutting Edge

Sergeant Daniel Daleris (left rear) gives quick orders to combat engineers and artillerymen for road clearance operations.

Gunners join the Alpine’s Cutting Edge

Artillerymen and women have joined the Army’s frontline response teams, helping to clear away fallen trees and trees at risk of collapsing on roads and passing vehicles in the NSW Snowy region.

While it is common to see the engineers of the 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, a closer examination of shoulder patches will reveal the colours of the 1st Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery.

The sight of the gunners wielding chainsaws may at first seem unusual, but the scene makes perfect sense when you consider they must build gun emplacements in the field as part of their normal war-time operations.

For combat engineer Troop Sergeant Daniel Daleris, having extra skilled operators who can quickly adapt to civil defence tasks is a blessing.

“We need to bring down the trees that council have pre-marked and clear all tree blockages off the road,’ he said.

“It makes our job easier because we have more hands-on deck to cover many areas.

“They have been hooking-in and helping us out quite a lot.

“We need to make the roads safe for civilian traffic, and many are still blocked or have trees that pose a danger.”

Gunner Tyler Moore said he is happy he can help people in need.

“We’re also learning a lot from the engineers, and it’s great to get more chainsaws going,” he said.

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