Apply for your Covenant pack today

Apply for your Covenant pack today

Apply now to ensure you receive your Covenant pack and pin before Anzac Day.

4 March 2020

More than 83,000 veterans and reservists have now applied for the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant, including the Oath, Lapel Pin and Veteran Card.

Veterans and reservists who have not already registered for the Covenant can do so through MyService (

Meanwhile, the business benefits component of the Veteran Card is continuing to expand with registration of 212 additional businesses completed since its November launch. These new offers are available through the Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) online platform, where Veteran Card holders can electronically gain access to more than 10,000 unique offers and deals.

A further 246 businesses are at various stages of the offer-creation process, with interest in the program remaining strong thanks to support from the Defence community.

To gain access to offers and discounts, existing DVA Health Card or Veteran Card holders can simply register for free with APOD (, which is entirely free for veterans and businesses.

Veterans and eligible reservists who don’t currently hold a DVA Health Card or Veteran Card can apply through MyService, where you can also pre-register with APOD.

Card-holders can then gain access to offers from businesses by searching APOD website, which includes geographical, veteran-owned and concession filters. It is important to read the ‘How to Redeem’ information on each offer as some businesses only require you to show your card, others require an online purchase, while others require an exclusive offer code. 

Businesses range from small local and veteran-owned family businesses through to large chains that operate nationally. They include retailers, travel and tourism operators, accommodation and car hire, entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, as well as service and trade industries from gyms to automotive mechanics. 

There are now more than 52,000 Veteran Card holders registered with APOD.

If businesses or community organisations in your area have not heard of the Veteran Card, encourage them to find out more and show their support for the Covenant.

If you would like to suggest a business to APOD, please email your recommendation to partners [at] For more information about how to apply for and support the Covenant, including eligibility and other frequently asked questions, visit

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