Replacements for medals lost or destroyed

Replacements for medals lost or destroyed

Medals that were lost or damaged in the bushfires may be replaced under the Defence Honours and Awards Replacement Medal Policy.

4 March 2020

Current and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force are entitled to one replacement set of medals.

Holders of a deceased family member’s medals are also entitled to receive one replacement set, provided that replacements have not already been issued. Even if you do not know exactly what medals were lost or damaged, as long as you have the original recipient’s full name and date of birth, Defence can fulfil the request.

To apply for replacement medals, please visit Defence Medals and complete the Defence Medals Online Application Form, selecting Replacement Medals as the application type.

Replacement medals cannot be issued if any compensation for their loss or damage has already been received via insurance claims. You can buy replica medals from a range of sources such as coin and medal dealers.

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