Services at DVA VAN offices

Services at DVA VAN offices

For the safety of both staff and the veteran community there will be some changes to the provision of face-to-face services at DVA VAN offices.

23 March 2020

These changes include restrictions on who will be allowed to access DVA premises. These restrictions align with the Australian Government’s advice to all Australians.

The veteran community is advised not to enter a VAN office if they:

  • have returned from overseas within the last two weeks
  • have had close contact with someone suffering from the COVID-19 coronavirus
  • are feeling unwell.

Staff in VAN offices are following strict social distancing and personal hygiene practices.

Although VAN offices remain open at the present time, the situation is very unpredictable and this may change as circumstances change. We recommend that you do not attend a VAN office unless the enquiry is urgent and it is absolutely necessary to undertake business face to face. We do not want vulnerable members of the veteran community travelling to VAN offices.

Members of the veteran community who require assistance should call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or lodge an online enquiry.

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