Awards recognise ‘incredible efforts’

Awards recognise ‘incredible efforts’

Outstanding Air Force and APS members and units have been honoured in the annual RAAF Proficiency and Leadership Awards, recognising their performance in 2019.

Award recipients are normally announced on March 31 to coincide with Air Force’s birthday, but this year has been different due to the current social distancing restrictions.

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld said every recipient should be proud of their achievements.

“Each year, we acknowledge the incredible efforts of our people and units with the Air Force Proficiency and Leadership Awards,” Air Marshal Hupfeld said.

“I wish to congratulate all of our award winners – to have been highlighted amongst such a dedicated and talented cohort is an achievement of the highest order.”

The awards recognise the achievements of units for proficiency in training, maintenance, support services, whole-of-base operations and flying.

For members, awards included outstanding performances in training and instructing, airman of the year, APS team member of the year and the best official photograph.

“I want to commend them on their amazing contribution to our organisation, and if you know any of these individuals or units, I hope you will take a moment to acknowledge them,” Air Marshal Hupfeld said.

For the 2020 awards, nominate a worthy recipient using webform AD972 from October 1 and submit to your chain of command for final submission by January 31, 2021.


Mrs Lyvern Slender, HQAMG. 

Awarded to an APS employee who exemplifies both APS and Air Force values and makes an outstanding contribution to Air Force. 

Corporal Christopher Lane, 33SQN.  

Awarded to an airman of the rank of corporal or below to recognise the calibre of the individual and their significant contribution to both the service and community. 

Flying Officer Callum McDonald, AMTS.

This award highlights the unquestionable importance of training and education to the Air Force and formally recognises the commissioned officer who has excelled in this field.

Sergeant Jessica Muscat, Army School of Health. 

This award highlights the unquestionable importance of training and education to the Air Force and formally recognises the airman who has excelled in this field. 

Pilot Officer Elysia Cave-Freeman, AMTS. 

Awarded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the most outstanding officer trainee from OTS or ADFA to recognise exemplary conduct, outstanding performance of duty, and influence on fellow officers. 

Corporal CPL Casey Forster, 28SQN. 

Awarded for the best official photograph of the year. The trophy is a competition open to all Air Force members.

HQ 86WG. 

Awarded for proficiency and contribution by Force Element Groups and Wing Headquarters. 


Awarded to the most proficient flying squadron. 


Awarded to the most proficient unit with primarily whole-of-base functions.


Awarded to the most proficient specialist support unit. 


Awarded to the most proficient Air Force maintenance unit in recognition of their engineering and technical excellence. 

Air Mission Training School. 

Awarded to the most proficient training unit.

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