On watch on Anzac Day

Officer of the watch Sub Lieutenant Samantha Randell on the bridge of HMAS Adelaide. Photo: Able Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill

On watch on Anzac Day

As dawn breaks over the east coast of Australia this Anzac Day, Maritime Warfare Officer Sub Lieutenant Samantha Randell will be on officer-of-the-watch duty on the bridge of HMAS Adelaide.

While the 24-year-old officer, from Toowoomba in regional Queensland, has previously commemorated the day at a dawn service with friends and shipmates, she is happy that she can mark this year’s Anzac Day with shipmates at sea.

“It’s a significant part of Australian history and it keeps the memory alive of all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice,” Sub Lieutenant Randell said.

“It’s in these moments that we are really united as one, as we remember the fallen and the future to come.”

Sub Lieutenant Randell joined Navy in 2013 as a 17-year-old straight out of Wilsonton State High School in Toowoomba, however, she could easily have been lost to another service.

“I went to an Australian Defence Force Academy open day in 2010 because my brother wanted to join the RAAF,” she said.

“But I saw the amazing displays from Navy and fell in love with the challenge and opportunities it would provide.”

Since joining in 2013 Sub Lieutenant Randell has had postings in HMA ships Stuart, Wollongong and Gascoyne and is currently looking forward to the awarding of her platform endorsement for the landing helicopter dock while on current deployment with Adelaide.


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