Proud to be asked to play

Seaman Lynton Robbins practises at the Australian War Memorial in the lead-up to Anzac Day. Photo: CPL Sebastian Beurich

Proud to be asked to play

The opportunity to combine his Indigenous heritage and military service is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for one of Navy’s newest sailors, Seaman Lynton Robbins.

Seaman Robbins, originally from Orange, NSW, was selected to play digeridoo at the Australian War Memorial for the Anzac Day national ceremony.

“Anzac Day means the world to me,” Seaman Robbins said.

“This is bigger than me, so being part of the ceremony, for both the past and future Anzacs that come through, being a middle ground for the Indigenous people is massive.

“I feel like it’s made my career more worthy.”

Although he’s been playing the digeridoo for 17 years, he has been working with a tutor in the lead-up to the ceremony to help him perform at his “absolute best”.

“The last Anzac Day I participated in was in 2016, when I played for the Orange RSL,” he said.

“It absolutely gave me goosebumps when they asked me to play for that event, so coming to play for this one – the biggest ceremony in Australia – is pretty extraordinary.

“I’ve been running and swimming to help my circular breathing, which will help me play better and get a better sound quality for the people watching.”

After the event he will return to Royal Australian Air Force base Wagga Wagga, where he will continue employment training as an aircraft technician.

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