A mum and her son pay tribute to all

A mum and her son pay tribute to all

With the cancellation of Anzac Day events around the country and her husband currently deployed, Royal Australian Air Force Corporal Tahlia Thomas will proudly stand at the end of her driveway with her little boy, Levi, this Anzac Day sunrise.

“Anzac Day is a day I enjoy wearing my uniform with pride while standing with my family at a local dawn service,” Corporal Thomas said.

“However, this Anzac Day we will adapt, as we do in the military, and pay our respects from home.

“I’ll take a moment to remember not only those who have fought for us but the service men and women that continue to fight for our country, especially during these trying times. 

“As my husband is currently serving our country overseas, I will be with my son wearing my uniform showing the people in my estate how proud I am to be in the RAAF and supporting our country anyway we can.”

Born in Newcastle, Corporal Thomas grew up in Brisbane and is now an Adelaide local. She is newly posted to the Headquarters Air Warfare Centre at RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia.

The Personnel Capability Specialist was inspired to join the military growing up with both parents in the Air Force.

“I could see how much they enjoyed their career and all the friends they made, which we now considered family,” Corporal Thomas said.

“With this and my desire for a guaranteed employment that offers so many opportunities, I joined in May 2011 and have never looked back.

“One of my most memorable career moments is being involved with local school programs to use my experience to be a positive female role model in the Air Force.

“I really enjoyed seeing the students light up when they realise they, too, could have a career in the military and there are many more jobs than being a pilot.

“The Air Force has taught me to be strong and provided me with many development opportunities to be the best version of myself.”


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