Structural integrity from planning to delivery

Structural integrity from planning to delivery

In an environment where planning is important, the ADF’s Engineer Support Element deployed to the Middle East region (MER) leads local teams to build new and upgrade existing infrastructure.

Flight Lieutenant Sean Wrigley is the Project Engineer at Australia’s main operating base in the MER where he leads the joint engineering team Charlie.

“My job as the project engineer is to develop and deliver infrastructure projects within theatre by providing them with upgraded or new infrastructure, enabling continuity for existing capabilities and providing resources for new ones in the MER,” Flight Lieutenant Wrigley said.

“I also provide the MER with an airfield engineer capability that provides subject matter expert advice of airfields and aprons.”

A recent project was the Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) storage compound.

“My team and I managed all aspects of this project from initial planning and design through to the delivery of the project, to ensure it was on time, on budget and to the required safety and quality standards,” Flight Lieutenant Wrigley said.

“The compound is required to store PMVs coming in and out of country for transit to other locations.

“It will protect the vehicles and attached equipment against the harsh local environment, until the vehicles are ready to redeploy or return to Australia.”

The Engineer Support Element has planned, designed and delivered a range of infrastructure projects, from minor upgrades to brand new facilities across the MER in support of ADF operations.

On the completion of his deployment, Flight Lieutenant Wrigley will return to RAAF Base Richmond as the 2IC Airfield Engineer.

“The role of Project Engineer has enhanced my experience and skillset both professionally and personally. I’ll take away only great memories of the work and people here in the MER,” Flight Lieutenant Wrigley said.

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