Keeping connected with all that jazz

Keeping connected with all that jazz

Air Force Band recently joined an international coalition of military bands in an online music video for International Jazz Day.

The video, featuring the World War II hit I’ll Be Seeing You was shared across social media platforms and  reached more than 600,000 viewers worldwide in the first five days.

The project was coordinated by the legendary ‘Airmen of Note’ Big Band of United States Air Force Band, based in Washington D.C. and features members of the RAAF Band and military musicians from Brazil, Finland, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Commander United States Air Force Band Colonel Don Schofield said his band was proud to join allies in Australia, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and Japan, to showcase international trust, cultural partnership and unification. 

“The song I’ll Be Seeing You was specially chosen to represent a message of conviction and hope across the world as we join together to remain connected through shared ideas and values,” Colonel Schofield said.

The relationship with the United States Air Force Band was established the previous year when the Director of Music Air Force Band, Flight Lieutenant Daniel Phillips, proposed the first hugely successful International Jazz Day collaboration between the two Air Force bands.

“My thought was to use technology to bring together two great Air Force public relations assets from opposite sides of the globe to deliver a shared message of partnership,” Flight Lieutenant Phillips said.

“To see it grow to a collaboration between seven great nations is wonderful.”

April 30 is officially designated as International Jazz Day by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people across the globe.

The Air Force Band is located at RAAF Base Williams and is recognised as a world-class military band, with a proud history of service to the RAAF and the Australian Community.

Its mission is to enhance the image and culture of the Air Force through music and ceremony.

Initiatives such as the I’ll Be Seeing You collaboration are a great example of how the band uses music to build relationships and foster partnerships.

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