Honeymoon in khaki

Lance Corporal Jack Crozier, of 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, returned to duty on the M1 Gold Coast Police Checkpoint after getting married during Operation COVID-19 Assist. Photo: Lieutenant Nicolas Hawkins

Honeymoon in khaki

For Lance Corporal Jack Crozier, 2020 was all about getting married and celebrating the big occasion with his family and friends. Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed those plans.

With the self-isolation requirements getting in the way of the nuptials, Lance Corporal Crozier and his fiancé Lauren decided to bring the wedding forward and get married anyway.

“We decided to have the wedding on April 11, but with the current restrictions in place we only had five people there instead of the 75 we had planned. We are now going to have a big party once this is all over for friends and family,” Lance Corporal Crozier said.

“Our mums were the witnesses and, with Lauren and me plus the celebrant, that made five people, which was the maximum allowed, but it was intimate and very special.”

But here is where the story takes a turn – where most newlyweds leave the reception bound for a honeymoon at a special location, Mr and Mrs Crozier had only their wedding night before Lance Corporal Crozier was back on duty.

“It will be a great story to tell the kids one day, that I was back with my section the day after getting hitched,” Lance Corporal Crozier said.

“At least I can say I had my honeymoon at the Gold Coast.”

As an entertainer in his day job, Lance Corporal Crozier performs in a famous Gold Coast-based outdoor live show where he rides horses, performs stunts, acts and sings.

But the man affectionately known as “Cowboy” to his section of 25th/49th Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment, soldiers in his part-time role as an infantry soldier said the work being completed by many part-time soldiers, sailors and airmen and airwomen was having a positive impact – even if it came at the personal cost of postponing his honeymoon.

“I am really enjoying the role as it is allowing me to work alongside the Queensland Police Service who have been really complimentary of our efforts,” he said.

“They’ve told us our assistance to their duties has meant that many of the Queensland Police Service officers have been able to return to supporting the community.”


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