A world of opportunities

A world of opportunities

A native of Sale, Victoria, Corporal Madeline Meyer spent a lot of her time growing up in Yarram where her grandparents farmed.

Although, through her father’s work, some of her youth was spent in Queensland, Corporal Meyer completed High School in Sale, where spare time was spent fishing trying to catch a big tuna or flathead to be cooked for dinner over a barbecue with the rest of her family.

Having a love of fishing and cooking, Corporal Meyer considered a career in the Navy as a steward, but her Air Force parents guided her to a career as a crew attendant in the Royal Australian Air Force on the VIP transport aircraft – opening up a raft of opportunities.

As part of the Air Force 2021 campaign, Corporal Meyer is being showcased as one of the exceptional members who have contributed to the RAAF.

She is now posted to the Combat Survival Training School in Townsville, working as a Survive Evade Resist Escape instructor.

“It’s a brand new position and I am lucky to be the first person to fill the position,” Corporal Meyer said.

“One of my early courses as crew attendant was combat survival and I loved it.

“In my crew attendant career with No. 34 Squadron I travelled extensively around the world in the special purpose aircraft – the 737 Boeing business jets and Challenger CL604 aircraft used to transport government members on business.

“It is that experience that led me to recognise that specific needs for attendants should be developed, so I proposed it,” she said.

Air Force also recognised the requirement and Coporal Meyer was posted to the job.

“Being in the ADF means a lot to me, coming from a small country town with not too many job opportunities, and I have had, so far, an amazing career path,” she said.

“Before joining I had never been out of Australia and now I’ve travelled across the globe making friends and experiencing things that I’ll never forget.”

When she eventually finishes her Air Force career, Corporal Meyer wants to retire to a country town with some land, plenty of animals and close to a beach where she can go fishing every day.

Planning is underway for the commemoration of the Royal Australian Air Force’s formation in March 1921. For more information, go to airforce.gov.au/100.

To see video of Corporal Meyer in her new role, go to https://youtu.be/ropGrcQLOvc




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