Adapting to support the mission

Colonel Eric Modderman conducts a video conference call with the Afghan Deputy Minister of Interior as part of the Advise, Train and Assist mission in Afghanistan.

Adapting to support the mission

Life in Afghanistan on Operation Highroad as part of NATO’s Resolute Support mission is being disrupted by COVID-19.

At bases around Kabul, social distancing, the use of face masks and the closure of base amenities are in force.

Head of the Kabul Joint Command Advisory Team, Colonel Amanda Johnston, said solutions had been adopted to ensure the mission continues. 

“The team have been using technology to maintain their mentoring mission, communicating with Afghan security officials via phone, email and military systems,” Colonel Johnston said. 

“Some training of the Afghan team has been suspended and informative conversations over tea have been lost.” 

Nevertheless, spirits remain high. 

Australian Army Chaplain Major Peter Price said despite the restrictions, the task group had found ways to maintain morale. 

“We are holding weekly trivia, where different teams from the task group compete for small prizes and fitness challenges to help keep people motivated,” Major Price said.

“My weekly sermons are now broadcast on Zoom to avoid social gatherings.”

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