From bank manager to soldier

Private Ee Goh, of the 7th Combat Signal Regiment, conducts a stocktake of the quartermaster store at Gallipoli Barracks. Photo: Trooper Jonathan Goedhart

From bank manager to soldier

The Army prides itself on providing opportunities to people from all walks of life. It is one of the most diverse workforces in Australia, utilising new recruits’ existing skillsets and improving on them as they progress in their careers. 

Private Ee Goh, of the 7th Combat Signals Regiment in Brisbane, was a recruit whose interesting background and skillset has been of great service to the Army since she posted to Gallipoli Barracks in 2017.

Growing up in Malaysia, Private Goh immigrated to Australia where she built a life in Perth and enjoyed a successful career as a bank manager for several years but later decided on a career change. 

“I joined the Army because I needed a change,” Private Goh said.

“I felt that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself, so when the opportunity came I took it.

“It’s a totally different industry. Being in the Army has given me an opportunity to learn what it’s like to operate, maintain and run the quartermaster store in terms of supplies and the back office.”

In only her second year working in Defence, Private Goh also served as an interpreter at the Indo-Pacific military skills competition Exercise Hydra 2019, for the Malaysian Army team.

“It was a highlight of my Army career,” Private Goh said.

“I was able to represent the Australian Army and make the Malaysian Army contingency feel welcome in a country where language was a barrier to them.

“When we met at the airport, they were relieved that there was someone who spoke and understood their language and culture.

“As a bonus, I made 11 new friends.”

Proud of the country that’s given her so many opportunities, Private Goh continues to enjoy each experience the Army offers and relishes opportunities to continue learning.

“I wear this uniform with pride, having got through the training, which was a challenge for me,” Private Goh said.

“It’s such a privilege for me, because coming from overseas I chose to be a citizen of this country.”

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