Keeping the community safe

Army reservist Bombardier Christopher Barfield, of 3rd Field Battery, 9th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, at a police control point in Western Australia. Photo: Leading Seaman Ronnie Baltoft

Keeping the community safe

Swan Valley resident and Army reservist, Bombardier Chris Barfield, was proud to assist Western Australia (WA) Police with measures put in place to flatten the curve and protect the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For the past eight weeks, Bombardier Barfield has assisted WA Police at three of the police check points on main highways across the state’s regional boundaries. 

With hundreds of cars coming through the checkpoints each day, no two days have been the same.  

“Every day has been different. We have had a lot of unique characters coming through, which keeps things interesting,” Bombardier Barfield said. 

“We have also got to know a few of the locals travelling in and out of the region for work. Generally everyone is friendly and understanding of why we are there.”

Bombardier Barfield, of 3rd Field Battery, 9th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, is normally employed in combat roles but found it easy to adapt to an emergency role.

“While this is a different operation to what we are used to, we are trained to adapt,” he said. 

“The training we complete helps us to seamlessly adapt from a standard military-type operation to an emergency role with ease. We take things as they come.”

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