Mover helping in her home town

Corporal Julie Kling of the Joint Movement Control Office in Townsville is travelling to Mount Isa to help with Operation COVID-19 Assist. Photo: Trooper Jonathan Goedhart

Mover helping in her home town

Hopping on a C130J Hercules transport aircraft destined for Mount Isa is all in a day’s work for Corporal Julie Kling. However this trip feels a lot like going home.

Corporal Kling grew up in Mount Isa. She joined the Army Reserves after finishing school and began many adventures across the top of Australia with the 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment.

“My friend had already joined the Army Reserves, and suggested I join. I did and loved it straight away,” Corporal Kling said. 

“We learned so much so fast including bush skills and tracking from Indigenous Australian instructors and riflemen.”

Since having a great time in the reserves, Corporal Kling moved into the Army full time where her current posting is to the Joint Movement Control Office – a unit more commonly known as the “Movers”.

Corporal Kling’s skills are put to the test every day moving people, rations and equipment around the world in support of training activities and military operations including the Queensland-based Joint Task Group 629.3’s work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This week, my colleague and I were moving soldiers for the 2nd Calvary Regiment using Air Force tactical transport aircraft through to the 51 Far North Queensland Regiment Delta Company Depot and then through several locations,” Corporal Kling said.

Officer Commanding Squadron 2nd Calvary Regiment Major Tom Day said efficiency in this field is highly important. 

“Without their expertise, insertion and extraction of our forces into remote areas is near on impossible,” Major Tom Day said. 

“In rapid succession, the movers enable the relief in place of 2nd Calvary Regiment troops with fresh men and women to continue assisting the Queensland Police Service at police check points.”

Corporal Kling is grateful for the opportunities Army has provided including working in her home town. 

“I was looking forward to going back to Mount Isa and reminiscing on my youth,” Corporal Kling said. 

“I’m grateful for the opportunities and doing a role I enjoy and where I get to see my sons grow up after we moved to Townsville from Mount Isa.”

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