Service makes dad-to-be proud

Lance Corporal Carl Casey, of 51st Battalion, Far North Queensland Regiment, is supporting the Queensland Police Service on the Northern Territory/Queensland boarder as part of Operation COVID-19 Assist. Photo: Trooper Jonathan Goedhart

Service makes dad-to-be proud

Raised in Normanton, Queensland, by his aunt and uncle, Lance Corporal Carl Casey joined the 51st Far North Queensland Regiment in 2017. 

As he awaits the arrival of his first child, Lance Corporal Casey believes his time in uniform has prepared him for fatherhood. 

“I see the changes and improvements in myself; I have grown as a man and having extra cash is great,” Lance Corporal Casey said. 

He said he felt proud to be the first in his family to serve. 

“A while back I invited my uncle and auntie to the Anzac Day march and after they told me how proud they were of me – it is a good feeling when they say they are proud of me.”

As part of the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to controlling the spread of COVID-19, Lance Corporal Casey has been deployed on the Northern Territory/Queensland border, supporting Queensland police at a control point.

A number of Lance Corporal Casey’s friends have also joined and he said the change in them was positive and enduring.

“The change in the Indigenous boys and girls is good,” Lance Corporal Casey said.

“Our community has been supportive, just like my uncle and aunt. I owe them a lot.”

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