Advisers appointed for women and families council

Advisers appointed for women and families council

Nine new advisors have been appointed to support the work of the Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service. 

1 July 2020

The Council was established in December 2018 to ensure the needs of women and families united by defence service are understood and visible, and their voices are heard.  

The advisors will use their expertise to help the Council members further the Council’s work in providing effective and timely advice to Government.

The advisors are: Ms Samantha Hodges, Dr Amy Johnson, Mrs Kate Martin, Ms Sharelle Mathias-Carman, Mrs Louise Pitcher, Dr Danielle Post, Mrs Donna Reggett, Dr Kerry Summerscales, and Miss Penelope Twemlow.

All the advisors are women who have unique and valuable experience. Each has either served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) themselves, have a partner and/or family member who has served, or work or conduct research in the veteran or defence field.

The 14 current members will continue to lead the Council’s work on its key areas of focus including ADF partner/spouse employment, female veterans and family support. The members are pleased to have the additional assistance of the advisors. The advisors will also participate in consultation and communication with veterans and their families.

Further information about the Council and the Council members and advisors is available on the Council’s page of the DVA website

The advisors were chosen following a selection process led by the Council Chair, Ms Gabby Costigan MBE.

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