Get Vetaffairs electronically and get the news first

Get Vetaffairs electronically and get the news first

Many veterans and their families receive DVA’s Vetaffairs as a paper version, but did you know you can also receive our newspaper digitally?

6 July 2020

DVA publishes every edition of Vetaffairs at, as an easily accessed option that can be read regardless of what device you’re using or wherever you are. Reading Vetaffairs online means you can easily follow links to further information – all just a click away!

Readers are notified by email when the latest Vetaffairs has been published giving you instant access.

Online reading means you don’t have to wait for the post, and you’re contributing to a reduced environmental footprint because we won’t be using as much newsprint or physically distributing it.

The great thing is that you don’t have to update your postal address whenever you move.

We also produce an audio recording of each issue for those who are visually impaired, available online ( and on a CD.

Visit the website, or phone 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) to change your preferences for receiving Vetaffairs, either in hard copy, digitally or as an audio copy.

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