Notice for users of essential medical equipment

Notice for users of essential medical equipment

7 July 2020

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Veterans may be eligible to claim the annual Essential Medical Equipment Payment (EMEP) to help with energy costs associated with running essential medical equipment.

From 1 July 2020, the annual payment of $163 (indexed annually) will be provided to eligible veterans’ for each piece of essential medical equipment or as a single payment for medically required heating or cooling. 

The items considered as essential medical equipment eligible for the EMEP are listed below: 

  • home dialysis machine
  • home ventilator
  • home respirator
  • home enteral or parenteral feeding device
  • oxygen concentrator
  • heart pump
  • suction pump
  • insulin pump
  • infant apnoea monitor (when prescribed by a medical practitioner following apnoeic events)
  • nebuliser (if used daily)
  • continuous positive airways pressure device (CPAP)
  • phototherapy equipment
  • airbed vibrator
  • electric wheelchair

For more information on the eligibility and how to make a claim, visit the DVA website:or call 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372). 



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