Tapping into an unrivalled leadership incubator

Army Reservist Battery Commander Major James Eling of 2nd/10th Field Regiment, is deployed to the State Control Centre in Victoria. Photo: Leading Aircraftman John Solomon

Tapping into an unrivalled leadership incubator

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ADF has deployed planners to Melbourne to support the Victorian Government.

Army Reservist Battery Commander Major James Eling is one planner deployed to Melbourne’s State Control Centre.

“There’s a major operation happening in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases being reported in Melbourne,” Major Eling said.

“We’re supporting the process from a logistics and risk perspective, putting together a plan so it can run as smoothly as possible.”

He had found the work challenging and rewarding.

“Working on the testing teams has been good because it’s tight time frames, complex problems and enjoyable working in a high-performing team,” Major Eling said.

As the managing director of a civilian IT and marketing company, Major Eling had found his training and deployments with the Defence Force valuable for a successful business.

“Basic leadership skills the ADF teaches are critical for running a small business and have enabled our company to function significantly better,” he said.

“The other key aspect is the planning process. Approaching problems in a structured way from a business viewpoint is helpful for a more efficient, better company.”

As an employer, Major Eling was full of praise for the ADF.

“For employers the ADF is probably Australia’s largest leadership organisation,” he said.

“We will take your people and train them up in leadership skills. 

“These critical leadership skills that reservists learn are a big differentiator between good and great employees.”

More information on the reserves and employer support can be found at https://www.defencereservessupport.gov.au/


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