Ejection seat maintenance lands close to home

Ejection seat maintenance lands close to home

Commander Air Combat Group Air Commodore Tim Alsop has taken the opportunity to visit the Martin Baker Australia ejection seat maintenance facility at the Williamtown Aerospace Centre.

The facility is responsible for the assessment, refurbishment and overhaul of Air Force fast-jet ejection seats. 

They recently conducted the first routine service of seats from the F-35A Lightning II.

Air Commodore Alsop said he appreciated the behind-the-scenes tour of the facility, which played a big part in maintaining critical safety equipment fitted to ACG aircraft.

“We have Martin Baker ejection seats in all of the aircraft flown by ACG personnel,” Air Commodore Alsop said. 

“It’s convenient to have such a critical facility so close to one of our largest fast-jet bases and makes a process like the conduct of preventative maintenance streamlined and easy to achieve.

“Nothing we do in the Air Force is in isolation. It is our industry partners, often operating in the background, that ensure we are able to achieve our mission.”

Air Commodore Alsop said while no pilot began their work day expecting to eject from an aircraft, having confidence in the functionality of the ejection-seat system brought great peace of mind. 

“We rely on the vigilance and experience of the teams that maintain the system to ensure we go home to our families each day,” he  said. 

Located in the heart of the Hunter region of NSW, the Williamtown Aerospace Centre co-locates a number of critical aviation enterprises that support the current and emerging needs of Defence and the broader local aviation industry. 


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