50th birthday celebration

Vuksich and Borich project manager Suvinay Basawaiya talks with Sergeant Chris Renew from 19th Chief Engineer Works at Blackrock Camp in Nadi, Fiji. Photo: Leading Seaman Craig Walton

50th birthday celebration

Blackrock Camp engineers from the Australian Army’s 19th Chief Engineer Works virtually joined the project’s main contractor CC Pines for the 50th birthday celebration of Vuksich and Borich project manager, Suvinaya Basawaiya. 

Mr Basawaiya said that since Vuksich and Borich’s involvement in the Blackrock Camp project in Fiji, the company has developed and improved their standards in many areas, in particular record keeping, recording works and transforming to a more digital workflow.

“I feel that I have also improved as a person, as a worker, a leader, and by being able to run the project to a stage where even the main works contractors seek advice on how things can be done better on site,” Mr Basawaiya said.

“This project, once delivered, will be a major milestone for me, my company, Fiji, all local contractors, as well as the main contractor out of Sydney.”

Mr Basawaiya said that during the pandemic, things were uncertain, but he felt lucky to be able to continue working for himself, his workers and the company.

“I am looking forward to restrictions being lifted and having the full team back,” Mr Basawaiya said.

“Our stakeholders will be in for a surprise because of all the hard work that people who have stayed back have completed, and ensured the project kept going despite the difficult situation.”

Due to the pandemic, the main contingent of Blackrock Camp engineers couldn’t be there in person for the celebration, so they joined over a video call. Australian Army engineer Captain Matthew Jetson spoke some kind words.

“It is an absolute honor to celebrate your [Mr Basawaiya] 50th milestone and we celebrate with you as friends, which is a testament to the relationships that we as a group have established throughout the project,” Captain Jetson said.

“We are humbled to see how far you have come and how you have enabled the local workers of Vuksich and Borich to upskill.”


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