All hands on deck to help Victoria

Seaman Kirie South, from HMAS Cerberus, checks a driver’s details at the Coldstream vehicle control point in Victoria. Photo: Leading Aircraftman John Solomon

All hands on deck to help Victoria

With additional COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, Royal Australian Navy personnel are working with Victoria Police at control points around Melbourne to reduce the number of people leaving the area.

Combat systems supervisor and instructor at the ADF Instructors Course at HMAS Cerberus, Petty Officer David Jordan is overseeing the Coldstream vehicle control point. 

“We are making sure everything is above board as people transit from metropolitan Melbourne into regional Victoria,” Petty Officer Jordan said. 

He said although different from day-to-day Navy activities, the current task had some similarities.

“On warships we work within small teams to achieve a bigger command aim,” Petty Officer Jordan said.

“That’s similar to what we’re doing here with the aim of keeping the Victorian community safe.”

He said his role as an instructor gave him key skills and experience to achieve this sort of task.

“Leadership is a key component,” Petty Officer Jordan said.

“As an instructor I have the leadership and ability to provide direction to my team in order for them to execute orders.”

Working with Victoria Police has been a positive experience for him.

“Working with another highly trained, professional outfit is fantastic,” Petty Officer Jordan said.

“The public see Navy on the ground and it’s good for them to know that the Australian Government is engaging all of our military to get through this situation.”

Seaman Kirie South, currently training to be a boatswain’s mate, is enjoying the opportunity to apply her skills. 

“As a boatswain’s mate we do a lot of humanitarian aid and boarding parties,” Seaman South said.

“I’m enjoying working one-to-one with civilians and learning from the police.”

She said the response from the public had been positive.

“I’ve had people thank me,” Seaman South said.

“I feel grateful and I feel like I’m part of something bigger than my training, bigger than myself.”

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