Playing a different tune

Sub Lieutenant Daniel McIlvride at his promotion ceremony at HMAS Cerberus. Photo: Able Seaman Bonny Gassner

Playing a different tune

The promotion of a member is always a cause for celebration, and Leading Seaman musician Daniel McIlvride’s promotion and commissioning to sub lieutenant is no exception.

He has become the newest member of the Royal Australian Navy Band officer cohort.

Sub Lieutenant McIlvride received his commission at the HMAS Cerberus Wardroom on July 14. 

Band officer promotions are special as there is no direct entry scheme.

All candidates are selected from within the ranks of the band.

Members are required to pass a range of assessments, including medical and psychology tests, and a musical selection assessment.

Sub Lieutenant McIlvride, who joined the Navy band in 2013, has a wealth of experience as a teacher and performer, having worked with John Foreman and Rhonda Birchmore, and on the television series Dancing with the Stars. 

Sub Lieutenant McIlvride has deployed to Afghanistan and in 2018 he deployed in HMAS Adelaide as part of Indo Pacific Endeavour/Rimpac, functioning as a sound and lighting technician in addition to his role as an instrumentalist. 

He said he was excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

“I’m looking forward to transitioning into a senior leadership position in the organisation,” he said.

“I hope to implement positive change and growth within the band category.”

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