Restrictions no barrier to security

Restrictions no barrier to security

RAAF Base Edinburgh boundaries have never been stronger, with No. 3 Security Forces (3SECFOR) providing additional security training during COVID-19 restrictions.

3SECFOR protects the national support base in South Australia with a continuous 24-hour shift roster.

Corporal Michal Samoraj said his team had overcome physical training requirements by implementing innovative online training sessions during the isolation period.

“The team came up with a take-home training plan utilising ForceNet, email and Skype, which is a big challenge for us because airfield defence guards are kinesthetic learners,” Corporal Samoraj said.

“When it comes to aircraft security operations drills, you can’t exactly read a PowerPoint and know how to take down that threat.

“The section commanders, sergeants and flight commander would have two meetings a week to finalise any training requirements, then have individual sessions through Skype, phone calls and welfare checks.

“It was a good opportunity to brush up on theory and find inventive ways to keep our skills sharp.

“With restrictions slowly being lifted, we’ll return to a more traditional training program while continuing to observe social distancing.”

Military working dog handler Leading Aircraftwoman Janice Bastow said the training had prepared her to quickly adapt to the challenging conditions.

“3SECFOR is such a great place to work. The support I get from my chain of command is phenomenal and the diversity of role is very rewarding,” Leading Aircraftwoman Bastow said.

“I’ve been able to enjoy the best of both worlds – fast-paced career in the Air Force while being a mum to my 16-month-old daughter.

“My supervisor has rostered me onto day shifts while my partner finishes his aircraft technician course, which helps to balance work and home life under the current conditions.

“I can help to protect the base during the day, then pick up my daughter from day care and spend the afternoon with her going to the park or a play date.

“I have the best job. I work with dogs every day and get to work alongside an awesome team that rises to a challenge when needed.”

To combat the challenges that arose with COVID-19, 3SECFOR underwent a complete restructure to provide increased protection of the base.

The two separate flights have been transformed into one specialist security flight, including three five-man aircraft security operations teams and three eight-man contingency response squadron teams.

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