Busy year on the front line

Logistics officer Major Adrian Sneddon checks off vehicles used for Operation COVID-19 Assist at Simpson Barracks, Victoria. Photo: Leading Aircraftman John Solomon

Busy year on the front line

Senior logistics officer for Victoria’s Joint Task Group 629.2 Major Adrian Sneddon has had a busy year on the front line. 

He was deployed on Operation Bushfire Assist and is now supporting the Victorian Government on Operation COVID-19 Assist. 

Major Sneddon’s role comprises overseeing the supply of all the equipment, material and transport.

He said each task force had a different logistical requirement for the operation. 

“Members are working in planning, medical testing and a range of other tasks alongside Victoria Police at control points and other locations,” Major Sneddon said.

He said the experience on both operations had been similar. 

“It’s a different threat now, but we achieve the same logistic effects in terms of how we provide our support,” Major Sneddon said.

“Our experience at the beginning of the year has served us well.” 

Given the operation, some unique vulnerabilities were identified in the planning stages.

“The nature of the disease and our working environment means we had to work out how to preserve our personnel,” Major Sneddon said.

“We needed to make sure we are following best practice with our people as they work alongside our partners.”

In some cases, Major Sneddon adapted what the ADF already does to ensure procedures and personal protective equipment practices are performed safely in a dangerous environment.

“We needed to come up with an answer to ‘who checks the checker?’ before people go to work every day,” Major Sneddon said.

“We run similar mechanisms to the buddy system we use for weapons checks.” 

Major Sneddon said this attention to detail was about keeping Defence in the fight.

“It’s about ensuring we standardise high-quality prevention and protection measures across the task group after we identify any knowledge gaps with our incoming personnel,” he said.


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