A tasty upgrade to HMAS Canberra

Able Seaman Grace Hine, left, Private Shakyra Wells and Chief Petty Officer Guy Clohesy use HMAS Canberra's new Bratt pan during the Regional Presence Deployment 2020. Photo: Leading Seaman Kieren Whiteley

A tasty upgrade to HMAS Canberra

The 750 personnel deployed in HMAS Canberra for the Regional Presence Deployment 2020 are savouring the benefits of a recent upgrade.

During Canberra’s last scheduled maintenance, two of the latest multipurpose cooking centres were installed. 

New Bratt pans – large cooking receptacles designed for producing large-scale meals – enable cooks to produce up to 120 litres of food at once. 

Army cook embarked in Canberra Corporal Whill Kratz said the pans were barely recognisable from their counterparts on other RAN platforms as they contained full digital displays, automated time and function settings and reduced cooking time.

“This new tool allows me to create new meals and update some of my favourite dishes for large numbers without compromising taste or quality,” Corporal Kratz said. 

“Chefs can now use skills once restricted by equipment flexibility and reliability, to consolidate and build on core-culinary skills.” 

Commanding Officer Canberra Captain Terence Morrison said chefs who cooked for up to 1400 people were already benefiting from the upgrade.

“Meals help morale, and an upgrade that makes the work of our chefs easier while also keeping ship’s company and embarked forces fed and satisfied is a positive outcome,” Captain Morrison said. 

He said the upgrade was a major step forward in galley capability and a milestone towards modernising an area of the ship that is often overlooked. 

“We’re seeing more options and efficiencies. I’m pleased that our ship has improved capability to make a deployment not only more sustainable but more enjoyable,” he said. 

The installation of the new equipment is an initiative of Commander Surface Forces and the LHD Systems Program Office. 

Canberra’s sister ship, HMAS Adelaide, will also have the new equipment installed. 


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