Going the distance for gruelling challenge

Leading Seaman Scott Tunnard prepares to run on the flight deck of HMAS Canberra during Regional Presence Deployment 2020. Photo: Petty Officer Tom Gibson

Going the distance for gruelling challenge

Aviation technician avionics Leading Seaman Scott Tunnard hasn’t let pandemic restrictions nor a sea deployment control his fitness level. 

While HMAS Canberra took part in the Regional Presence Deployment 2020, Leading Seaman Tunnard set himself a goal to run the equivalent distance of Sydney to Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, equating to 931km.

He said the driving force was to keep himself fit to play ice hockey and Australian Rules Football. 

“While I found myself stuck at home in Sydney because of restrictions, I started running to keep fit,” Leading Seaman Tunnard said. 

“I was running further and further. I noticed progress and kept going.” 

Leading Seaman Tunnard said while on Regional Presence Deployment 2020, port visits were closed because of COVID-19 restrictions. 

“The lack of port visits would get monotonous and I wanted something to focus on throughout the journey,” he said. 

Leading Seaman Tunnard’s dedication attracted attention on the ship.

Army Private Billy Hancocks said he regularly noticed Leading Seaman Tunnard running on the flight deck and applauded the hard work. 

“It’s good to see someone have structure in their training while being at sea,” Private Hancocks said. 

“It’s definitely something I could see myself doing if I’m in this environment again.”

Leading Seaman Tunnard said the hardest part of the challenge was getting up early or staying up late to increase his distance as he runs around his working hours. 

As Canberra sailed through the Philippine archipelago, Leading Seaman Tunnard endured a three hour and 50-minute run to complete his first marathon of 42km.

“It’s been great to challenge myself and meet this goal. I’m already thinking about my next endeavour,” Leading Seaman Tunnard said.


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