Open Arms Peer Advisor Instagram account

Open Arms Peer Advisor Instagram account

Open Arms recently launched an Instagram account for their team of Community and Peer Advisors so they can be more accessible to the veteran community.

24 August 2020

Open Arms Peer Advisors have ‘lived-experience’ of the military, transition, mental health challenges and recovery. So they understand many of the issues veterans and their families face, and can support their clients through their own journey.

@openarmspeers Instagram profile offers a glimpse into the important work peers are doing within the veteran community. From leading yoga classes to supporting training in suicide prevention, our peers are actively out and about in their local communities and working with other organisations to provide the support their clients need.

On the account, peers will also be sharing some of the tips and tools that helped them navigate life after their own military service, or that of family members. 

Help support the account and follow us on Instagram @openarmspeers.

Group of forty or so men and women posing for photo at the Australian War Memorial

Open Arms Community and Peer Advisors at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

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