Force for good as policeman turns chaplain

Force for good as policeman turns chaplain

Growing up in south-west Sydney, swimming and diving, a normal upbringing for a bloke who became a police officer, but for Troy White there was another career beckoning.

Chaplain White not only studied law while serving the NSW community as a police officer, then police prosecutor, but undertook theology studies as well changing his career to a pastoral one.

“In 2012 I met an ADF chaplain in Newcastle and that inspired me to join the Royal Australian Air Force,” Chaplain White said.

“As a police officer I worked in general duties, plain clothes, some undercover work and then after studying law I progressed to a police prosecutor role.

“My theology studies led me to the profession of pastor and I decided to combine my passion of supporting people, my faith, and being able, as I did in the police, work in a chain-of-command structure that led me to join Air Force.”

ADF chaplains are a diverse team who provide wide ranging services to ADF members while giving pastoral support to all faiths.

Chaplains deploy on operations and exercises providing pastoral care to members while also advising commanders and supervisors on morale and welfare of troops and communities interacting with deployed personnel.

“A chaplain’s willingness to enter war zones and to accompany ADF members on humanitarian and disaster relief tasks, providing a sense of protection and peace, is an important aspect of our work,” Chaplain White said.

“Defence life has the potential to be tough on families and I work hard to keep my boots on the ground, maintain a heart of care and compassion and to be present with open ears for our amazing ADF people.

With people a strong focus of the Air Force centenary, throughout 2020 and 2021 exceptional members who have contributed to the Air Force will be featured on and Chaplain White is a fine example of the thousands of people who make up our Air Force. 

Planning is underway for the commemoration of the Royal Australian Air Force’s formation in March 1921 and further information may be obtained at

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