Homecoming sparks joy for metalsmith

Lance Corporal Jordan Westcott is a metalsmith deployed on Operation Accordion. Photo: Corporal Tristan Kennedy

Homecoming sparks joy for metalsmith

Coming home after a long deployment is special for all personnel, but for Lance Corporal Jordan Westcott from Gawler, South Australia, this homecoming will be extra special. 

Lance Corporal Westcott is the Force Support Element-12’s metalsmith on Operation Accordion in the Middle East.

He is heading home next week for the birth of his first child. 

“Being here hasn’t been too hard on my wife and I and she have been going okay but I’m pretty excited to get home to be there in time for the birth,” Lance Corporal Westcott said. 

Lance Corporal Westcott said he enjoyed the full spectrum of his role. 

“I do all the manufacturing of requested jobs by our people around the Middle East,” he said.

“At the moment I am working on a shelving rack to help the warehouse store Kevlar body armour plates. I have to make eight of them so they can store and catalogue them more easily.

“I designed the shelves from scratch and then manufactured what they needed from start to finish. It needs to be able to hold a fair bit of weight, at least 300kg worth, so a lot goes into drafting those plans.”

Lance Corporal Westcott said helping people was the best thing about his job.

“Being able to design and deliver something that makes someone’s job easier and getting to do my job from start to finish is great,” he said. 

“People around here need stuff right away so we just get given a task and I can crack straight into it.”

Operation Accordion is the ADF’s overarching support mission to Operations Highroad, Okra, Manitou and other activities in the Middle East. 


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