In-law in focus

Leading Seaman Daniel Williams, at the ADF's main operating base in the Middle East. Photo: Corporal Tristan Kennedy

In-law in focus

Sydney-raised sailor Leading Seaman Daniel Williams, deployed to the Middle East on Operation Accordion, says his father-in-law, Allan Williams, will be in his thoughts this Father’s Day.

“He is a fantastic father to his daughter Kim and son Ben,” Leading Seaman Williams said. 

“I have two daughters, Madison who will be five in September and Zoe who is three. Hopefully I get to talk to them on Sunday.

“Allan is always willing to help no matter what the issue is and he’s definitely a better handyman than what I am. He is just a great guy.

“But most of all he is such a supportive and loving grandfather to my daughters.”

This is Leading Seaman Williams second year in the Royal Australian Navy and first ADF overseas deployment, having served with the Australian Army for seven years.

“I am the Movements Clerk for Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 here at Australia’s main operating base in the Middle East, responsible for personnel tracking,” Leading Seaman Williams said.

“I absolutely love being here. The chance to deploy on operations has been a career goal of mine since I enlisted. I am honoured to represent my country and the ADF.”

Operation Accordion is the ADF’s overarching support mission to Operations Highroad, Okra, Manitou and other activities in the Middle East. Accordion also enables contingency planning and the enhancement of regional relationships.

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