Back to the future

Midshipman Madeline Moroney directs vehicles through the Gisborne South Vehicle checkpoint during Operation COVID-19 Assist. Photo: Private Olivia Cameron

Back to the future

For Midshipman Madeline Moroney, her ADF journey has taken her back to where she started just over a year ago. 

She is working as a team leader at the police control point in Gisborne South in her hometown region of Goulburn Valley in Victoria.  

Midshipman Moroney is a maritime logistics officer trainee, who with just two weeks left of her initial employment training at HMAS Cerberus, finds herself supporting Operation COVID-19 Assist.  

“I grew up in Shepparton just down the road from where I am now and spent much of my childhood travelling through this region playing netball and basketball,” Midshipman Moroney said.

“I have found it hard being so close to home, yet unable to physically see family and loved ones, however frequent weekly phone calls and messages help.

“Despite the distance, it is rewarding knowing that the work I am doing here at the police control point is ensuring the safety of my hometown, with the end goal of being able to see one another again.” 

Midshipman Moroney said she was relishing the opportunity to step up so early in her career to work on a joint operation. 

“The opportunity to work alongside Victoria Police and in a joint task force with the Army and Air Force enables me to grow my knowledge of the other services and learn from their experiences,” Midshipman Moroney said.

“I have also enjoyed the opportunity to work as a team leader, developing my divisional officer skills and furthering my leadership abilities.

“As a team leader of a vehicle checkpoint I am involved in the management and coordination of a small group of ADF team members who assist me at the checkpoint.”

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