Chef has appetite for challenge

Chef has appetite for challenge

Whether it’s on base or out in the field, chefs like Corporal Sheree Woodward keep personnel fuelled up with nutritious meals that power them to get the job done.

Corporal Woodward manages a team at RAAF Base Darwin ensuring Australian and visiting military personnel are catered for during international exercises and for day-to-day work in the Top End.

“One of the career challenges of being in the ADF is having the confidence to lead a catering team as an emerging female leader, while managing full-time shift work and raising two children,” Corporal Woodward said. 

“Air Force, though, has assisted me through those challenges. I believe Air Force is a second family. 

“It offers endless opportunities for self-growth and the bonus of being a member during its centenary, something each of us could only ever experience once.” 

At home, Corporal Woodward enjoys baking cakes and desserts with her children and trying out new recipes. 

“I want to be an example to the new generation of chefs and show no matter what challenges or obstacles members are exposed to, determination can make it work and you can do anything you set your mind to,” Corporal Woodward said. 

“I feel very lucky and honoured to be one of the Air Force personnel sharing their story as we commemorate the formation of the Royal Australian Air Force in 1921.” 

Planning is underway for the commemoration of the Royal Australian Air Force’s formation in March 1921. For further information, visit

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