Supporting young civilian pilots

Supporting young civilian pilots

RAAF air traffic control personnel from No. 452 Squadron are fostering important relationships in the aviation community.

In an initiative to build strong relationships with junior aviators, personnel have introduced the presentation of certificates.

The first of these were presented to civilian student pilots on September 17, who had conducted their first solo flights at Townsville airport, an important step in their flying careers.

As part of Surveillance and Response Group’s No. 44 Wing, No. 452 Squadron provides air traffic control services to military and civilian aircraft, supporting air movements at the airport and within the designated regional airspace.

Operations Commander No. 452 Squadron Squadron Leader Adam Wilson said it was part of No. 44 Wing’s commitment to safety. 

“Generally speaking, student and inexperienced pilots can often be apprehensive about air traffic control and may be a little reluctant to tell controllers when they are unsure about the instructions given or are having difficulties flying the aircraft. This can lead to aviation safety occurrences,” Squadron Leader Wilson said. 

“Developing a positive relationship between pilots, particularly students and air traffic control, has proven effective in encouraging pilots to notify if they are unsure or in need of assistance. 

“It improves general aviation safety.” 

The RAAF air traffic controllers said the event would be the first of many, to continue their partnership with local flying schools.

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