Base tour a birthday treat for 100-year-old veteran

Base tour a birthday treat for 100-year-old veteran

World War II D-Day veteran Geoffrey Edmunds has turned 100, making him older than the Royal Australian Air Force. 

To celebrate his milestone, Mr Edmunds toured RAAF Base Edinburgh’s flight line and No. 92 Wing at the invitation of Senior Australian Defence Force Officer, RAAF base Edinburgh, Air Commodore Brendan Rogers. 

It was followed by a morning tea in the officers’ mess with members from the base.  

Officer Commanding No. 92 Wing Group Captain John Grime said it was a pleasure to host such a special visitor.

“It was an honour to meet Geoffrey and show him and his daughter around the base,” Group Captain Grime said. 

“It’s because of people like him and his service that makes it possible for the RAAF to be here today. This is an important reminder leading into our Air Force centenary celebrations.” 

Mr Edmunds said he thoroughly enjoyed the tour and had a marvellous time. 

He was presented with a photo taken during the visit as a memento of the day.

Mr Edmunds joined the RAF at 17 and served under the Royal Air Force Coastal Command, which was responsible for the RAF’s air-sea rescue service, which saved more than 10,000 lives during World War II. 

In March 1944, five RAF skippers were selected from the British Isles Air Sea Rescue Service for a combined operation to be implemented on D-Day to improve the survival rate of thousands of service members. 

Mr Edmonds was selected to work as a crewman for the combined D-Day Operation Starfish.  

He joined the New Zealand Air Force in his early 30s.

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