Making the most of her first deployment

Making the most of her first deployment

On her first international operational deployment, Corporal Miranda Worth is solidifying her professional skills and knowledge.

Corporal Worth is the Expeditionary Air Operations Unit’s non-commissioned officer for base support at the ADF’s Camp McNamara on Operation Accordion in the Middle East.

Her responsibilities include supporting all personnel deployed to the camp and visiting members, coordinating visa applications and managing accommodation.

“I combine with a great team for numerous international engagements and that keeps you eager and keen to put your best foot forward and do a great job,” Corporal Worth said.

“Providing base support to a number of elements is invaluable to the efficient and effective flow of operational capability.

“The team and I not only offer a range of operational support, but we also manage the ever moving machine of daily life on base and welfare of its members.”

Corporal Worth said she had enhanced her joint operational skills working with Army and Coalition partners. 

“Each day I talk to someone new, find out their story and what piece they play in the immense machine we work in as military members – these may be Australians, Americans, British or Danish personnel,” she said. 

The stepmother of two children said the operation was austere, so for her a key aspect was developing friendships and embracing the deployment.

“Of course I miss my whole family, but the friends I have made here have been supportive and understanding and that makes every day easier,” Corporal Worth said.

Corporal Worth said she had no regrets about joining the Air Force in 2011. 

“Defence is what you make it. If you are someone that can look at the bright side and make something out of any situation you will get so many amazing opportunities,” she said.

“You meet so many incredible, good people and travel to places under unique circumstances.

“These are all experiences that you would never get in the civilian workforce and they are experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

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